Elephant Rescue Facilities

Agra Elephant Rescue & Conservation Facility
(AERCF-“Elephant Haven”)

Haryana Elephant Rescue, Rehabilitation & Research Facility

We work in partnership with Project Elephant (Government of India) and Forest Departments of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and with help from other states and their respective Forest Departments.


Wildlife SOS’s elephant program is dedicated to helping working elephants in need of care and to the conservation of the dwindling and Endangered forest populations of wild Asian elephants.

Typically, we are called upon with the help of the state Forest Departments to provide captive refuge for elephants in need of rescue from private owners. These people, some of whom are of indigenous origin, continue traditional practices that result in the abuse or neglect of these large sentient mammals.

Plight of the Indian Elephant (Elephas maximus indicus)……………………
The Indian Elephant is one of three subspecies of Asian elephants found on the mainland of South and Southeast Asia. The Indian elephant population is comprised of captive working, domesticated elephants and wild elephants relegated to protected forest habitat on the Subcontinent.

Located in Agra, not far from the WSOS Agra Bear Rescue Facility (ABRF), is a piece of land we call “Elephant Haven.” This is a relaxing and enriched retirement home for several elephants, most of whom used to spend their days doing hard work, often under harsh conditions.

The elephants lucky enough to find refuge at our two sanctuaries, are now living out their adult lives in peace thanks to our government partners, the Uttar Pradesh and Haryana Forest Departments. No longer forced to carry heavy loads, or walk on hot pavement, these majestic creatures are finally able to spend their mornings, afternoons, and evenings, happily enjoying themselves and each other with frequent baths, a nutritious and tasty diet, fun toys to play with and great veterinary care.

In order to help even more elephants, we have, with the help of the Haryana Forest Department, developed the WSOS Elephant Rescue, Rehabilitation & Research Facility (ERRC) The WSOS’s ERRRF currently has a few residents and will be able to accommodate as many as twenty elephants.

The facility will provide a much needed sanctuary for abused, exploited, sick and disabled elephants requiring retirement, convalescence and medical care.

The WSOS’s ERRRF located in the Ban Santoor Forest Block, near the lush green jungles of the Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary, is a spacious facility for Indian elephants.

Part of the funds for the WSOS’s ERRRF come from a Project Elephant grant (Government of India) and the Haryana Forest Department.  Other components of the Elephant facility such as labor, veterinary services, and elephant husbandry require additional funds.

If you would like to help us rescue elephants, and retire them at one of our two elephant facilities and, please make a donation today. Thank you.

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