Story & History

leopard at rescue center

Wildlife SOS was established in 1995 by a small group of innovative, and visionary animal lovers. The passionate animal advocates were inspired to start a movement and make lasting change to protect and conserve India’s rich natural heritage, which includes some of the world’s most charismatic megafauna and beautiful and lush jungle flora.

Today, the organization has evolved from a focus predominantly on individual animal welfare advocacy and as a provider of life-time and temporary care to hundreds of wild born reptiles, birds, and mammals in need to a welfare and conservation entity.

Wildlife SOS actively work towards protecting Indian wildlife by conserving habitat, surveying and studying biodiversity, and by conducting other captive and field research and conservation initiatives throughout the country and at our rescue facilities. We also contribute to conservation through capacity building, by training indigenous people and ultimately by creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile poacher communities.

India’s wildlife is under severe threat—every animal from the majestic elephant and the tiger, to the shy sloth bear and rare pangolins have fast become “the hunted”. While time is running out for these creatures, it’s not too late to help them.

We can make a difference if every single one of us consciously decides to give back to the planet, to give back to nature and help protect the environment and wildlife that we have neglected so far.

Although Wildlife SOS is mainly known for our work with ‘dancing bears’ and working elephants, we also have active projects to help Indian leopards, reptiles and other animals.  We also work on various projects targeted at environment and biodiversity conservation, as well as, reducing our carbon footprint.

We believe in working with organizations and individuals that share our philosophy. Wildlife SOS has formal ‘co-operative’ agreements in place with state governments and forest departments in more than nine states in India.

Wildlife SOS-India is a registered Tax Exempt Non-Profit organization in the USA 501(c)3 and a registered charity in the UK.*

*All funds donated to Wildlife SOS are transferred to India and are used for wildlife and environment protection, animal rescue and conservation projects.

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