Endorsement from Emmy-Nominated TV & Film Actress Carolyn Hennesy

A Word From Emmy-Nominated Actress Carolyn Hennesy…….

carolyn“Asian elephant populations are at great risk throughout their current range in South Asia and Southeast Asia. They are struggling to coexist with people and simply trying to survive in fragmented habitat in their range countries. Indian elephants and Thai elephants, in particular, are often involved in negative interactions with indigenous people.

Human-elephant conflict is a huge problem and typically is in reference to encounters between wild elephants and people. These negative interactions, between elephants and humans, range from mistreatment to poaching and other forms of persecution, often leaving many orphans behind.  Some wild orphans end up domesticated in the work force begging or performing on the streets of India for their owners.

Thankfully organizations like Wildlife SOS-India—the largest animal rescue and conservation organization in South Asia is making a difference for former working elephants like Bijlee, a begging elephant from near Mumbai (Bombay) in Western Indian—one of the most human populated and dominated landscapes in the world. Unfortunately, she could not be saved. But WSOS-USA’s Executive Director Nikki Sharp launched a petition to stop more abuse.

WSOS not only works with the India Forest Department to provide sanctuary for herds of elephants at their two rescue facilities, but they engage in outreach and education as part of a holistic elephant conservation program. 

Through their work with Project Elephant they are providing sanctuary for these beautiful animals and they have developed conservation education initiatives as a means to promote healthy relations with these charismatic and iconic flagship species The hope is that visitors to India gain some insight into to the lives of domesticated and wild elephants, the differences between the two populations and their respective issues with people.As the human population grows and human developments further fragment unprotected habitat, wild elephants have fewer places to seek refuge.  As domesticated elephants continue to be neglected and abused, more intervention is required. Thankfully Wildlife SOS-India is helping make a difference for elephants.”


Emmy-nominated actress and New York Times Best Selling author Carolyn Hennesy has had quite distinguished career beginning with her work as a critically acclaimed thespian in the United States. Her international training includes study at the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre and at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Most recently, Carolyn has been seen on American television with regular and recurring roles in Daytime and Prime Time shows like General Hospital, Cougar Town and True Blood.  He resume also includes guest starring roles on numerous other TV shows and her film credits include roles in mega hit films seen around the world like “Terminator 3,” “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde,” “The Cougar Club,” “Sublime,” “the Believers” and “Click”.

Carolyn is also a huge animal advocate and a strong and seasoned proponent of captive and field-based wildlife conservation. As a conservationist, she recently launched her own radio program—Animal Magnetism– to help inform and educate the world about the pressing issues facing the animal kingdom and the people interested in protecting and saving nature and natural places.  She is particularly interested in elephant conservation, having traveled to Asia to study human-elephant conflict and the role sanctuaries in developing countries contribute to elephant welfare and conservation.

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